Stage Three, Signing the Bankruptcy Petition

Bankruptcy petition
Roland Kedikian

Okay by now you would have completed the first online course. By now, I would have completed the preparation of the petition. At this meeting we will go over the petition and I will explain to you all the different portions of the petition. We will verify for the last time if all the information in the bankruptcy is correct, update all changes that may have occurred between the original interview meeting and the current signature meeting.

The typical time for me to prepare the petition is two weeks. In certain circumstances, the client may need additional time for practical reasons, such as having the remaining amount to pay the balance of attorney fees, the filing fee or the online classes. In other circumstances, we may delayed the filing of the petition for strategic reasons that might help a client qualify for chapter 7 when otherwise you would not have.

After a detailed explanation, you will be signing the petition, (approximately 15 signatures). The petition after the signature will be prepared for electronic filing which will occur within 2 days after the signature.

After the petition is filed, I will send you the notice of filing, and the notice of the creditor meeting which is typically scheduled 30 – 45 days after the filing. You will receive instructions as to what to bring at the creditor’s meeting and what to expect.

The next post will cover the 341 a meeting of the creditors and why I make a point of personally appear with you at that meeting as opposed to sending a substitute attorney as do so many other bankruptcy attorneys.

Roland Kedikian is a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, providing bankruptcy solutions to debtors since 1997.