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Fax notice of representation to all your creditors within 48 hours from retaining our office. We have a database of fax numbers and addresses of over 1500 creditors. We have been practicing in bankruptcy since 1997, we have developed software that we use to send out notices to all of your creditors within 48 hours. This protects you immediately from harassing phone calls and will lay the groundwork to file adversarial proceedings against any creditor who will continue to attempt to communicate with you after we have informed them of our representation.
Your case is handled by me the attorney, from the initial meeting until I get you the discharge, I will be the only person you will communicate with regarding your case. We treat all our clients with dignity, compassion and respect, you are not a case# for us you are our client. We do not have paralegals or assistants handling your questions or concerns. If you have a question, simply call or email me. If I am available, I will answer your call immediately, otherwise I return all calls within 24 hours. Emails are welcomed and preferred, I get all emails on my phone and can respond at times such as when in court or at a hearing waiting to be heard.
I will represent you personally at the hearing of the creditors also known as the 341(a) Meeting. The meeting of the creditors is the first time that you are questioned under oat with regards to your debts income, expenses and financial history. Naturally this will cause apprehension. Having the attorney who is intimately familiar with your case, who you have meet and who you have communicated with throughout the preparation of your bankruptcy petition is the best person you want to be by your side.
I will represent you in any relief from stay actions. In certain instanced, creditors may initiate action in bankruptcy court to effectuate the recovery of property. If you want to keep that property and you have legal basis to keep that property, we will represent you and protect your rights in that property.
I will represent you in reaffirmation agreements. Sometimes it is advantageous to sign a reaffirmation agreement if the creditor would agree to better terms of a loan on a property you want to keep and continue payments such as a car. In these instances, we will communicate on your behalf with the creditor and attempt to obtain better credit terms if they wish us to sign any reaffirmation agreement.
I will represent you in any proceeding involving an objection to your discharge. In certain instanced, a creditor or the United States Trustee may initiate action to dismiss your case and deny you the bankruptcy discharge. If we agreed to represent you, we will vigorously defend you and your right to file bankruptcy. If during our initial interview I determine that there is a high probability that you will not be granted a discharge we will advise you against filing bankruptcy and I will not take a case that I do not believe we can secure a discharge.
I will represent you in any proceeding to determine whether a specific debt is nondischargeable. In certain instanced, a creditor may seek to deny discharge of a particular debt. If during our initial interview I determine that there is a probability of an objection being filed by a creditor, you will be advise of the risks and what options are available to you so that you can make an informed decision prior to beginning the process. If we agreed to represent you, we will vigorously defend you and your right to discharge of all your debts.
I will continue to represent you in any pre-bankruptcy debts that may continue to arise after the grant of discharge. After discharge is obtained and your bankruptcy is complete, should any creditor communicate with you, we will represent you in stopping any further attempts at collecting from you and if necessary, we will file lawsuit against the offending creditor for violating the discharge order.
I will continue to provide help in rebuilding your credit We will continue to provide you with resources and information that will help you rebuild your credit. We publish information that will help you on our website, and will email periodically any new information we obtain that we think will help you in rebuilding your credit.