Stop Creditors and Get a Fresh Start

Are creditors bothering you at work and at home? Are they harassing your family, friends and neighbors with messages to “urgently contact them”? are they calling at all hours of the day?

I know these things happen because I have helped many individuals who have experienced the same things you are going through. You do not have to put up with abusive collection agents. We can stop creditors and help you put an end to it all collection attempts legally and immediately through the bankruptcy laws available to you.

My name is Roland Kedikian. And I am a California licensed attorney. I help individuals like you file for personal bankruptcy. Upon retaining our services, we provide you with a special telephone # to refer your creditors to us. We will keep the creditors off your back. And you can stop paying your creditors immediately and begin the process for filing for relief under the Untied States bankruptcy code.

Bankruptcy is not an easy decision, but in certain financial situations, it’s the right decision. We can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you. Call now and ask to speak with me personally.